Tuesday, January 25, 2011

guide me home on a bitter night

by the softened glow of a frosted light


Arija said...

Like a decorated victors tombstone or an angel carrying the light.

Cezar and Léia said...

I loved this composition, the lamp is wonderful, so elegant!The snow is a plus in this picture!

Malyss said...

It seems you're lost in Narnia's world..

Sharon said...

Another greeting card photo!! Beautiful.

Sharon Creech said...

The words, the lamp post, the tree, the garland, the light: all so pleasing to my eyes.

Jacob said...

I know your pain
I see your plight
But you need more
Than merely light.

You need sunshine
On the land
Beaches full of
Soft white sand.

But you don't live
In Florida
You live up north
Where, well, duh...

You need warmth
The warmth of home
When bitter cold
Chills to the bone.

And if you find
You're deep in snow
Look for a shiny,
Golden glow -

From the lantern
On your path
Then safely home
You can laugh ...

(And laugh and laugh!)

Geli said...



Sunny said...

I prefer to already be at home on these bitter nights...brrr!
☼ Sunny

Small City Scenes said...

It's late and I want to go home
I had a little drink about an hour ago

Thank goodness for lamplight.

Beautiful picture postcard.

Birdman said...

I USED to need one of these quite a bit. Now? Not so much.

lizziviggi said...

Gives "frosted glass" new meaning... or really, I suppose it's the old meaning! Beautiful.

Jacob said...

You're welcome! 'Tis prob'ly 'cause your blog always inspires me!

Virginia said...

Poetry. You make 6 months of snow seem sublime! :)

Randy said...

Funny I thought of Narnia too when I saw this lamp.

Hilda said...

So pretty!

I like the comment of Malyss. :)

Thank you for the welcome back.

Doug Hickok said...

Splendid vignette! The scene has a wonderful feel to it, the lamp being a symbol of hope for the warmth of a homecoming.

Amin said...

Beautiful composition!