Sunday, December 6, 2009

portland, maine: from my hotel window

a beautiful stay in portland
made even lovelier
by the bewitching Birdman
and the enchanting Elenka.


Cezar and Léia said...

wow a cool trip! I'm curious now I want to see more pictures from this city!
Happy Sunday dear friend, enjoy your view!Cool shot!

Anya said...

Nice shot from your hotel-look
did you have a relaxing time there
I hope so we need that all !!

Have a nice sunday :-)

Birdman said...

I love this shot! That had to be the fastest 3 hours of my life... time REALLY does fly when you're having fun with 'new' friends. Thanks for a wonderful evening-- Kitty and best bud of the Kitty!

Jacob said...

I think I've heard of Portland, Maine! It's away up there somewhere, right?

And what were you doing up there on "vacation." Don't nor'easters usually go south on vacations?

Heh. Heh.

I was wondering who Birdman and Elenka were then I read a comment by Birdman and now I know a little bit. That's nice that you could get together!

Have a wonderful week!

In Real Life said...

This is a neat view from you hotel window, it is an interesting collection of buildings - lots to look at! I like the warm glow of sunshine.

Elenka said...

Thank you! You're so sweet, you both are. I'm glad you had a nice time....we did, too.
Hope you had a safe trip home.

Julie said...

I value your comment very much.

This week I, too, met two blogging friends. One for the very first time, but recognised her the moment I stepped off the carriage onto the platform. The other, I have now met two or three times.

It is so nice - and reassuring - that people one meets doing this sort of blogging are indeed the characters they purport to be.

Now to your photograph. Bear with me, this is homespun. In my mind's-eye, Portland Maine is a seaside town with wide open spaces and green fields and uncomplicated folk. What is it doing with delapidated high-rise?

Fio said...

Perfect composition. I love the play of light on the walls.

Fio said...

Perfect composition. I love the play of light on the walls.

Vogon Poet said...

What a nice surprise, a meeting with two blogging friends! I imagined my Maine a bit different...

Marie-Noyale said...

A little escape from the routine is always welcome and nice!!

In Three Rivers, Michigan said...

I love these cityscapes, odd angles of buildings seen from a window. Everything looks like it is waiting to be explored.
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Bob Crowe said...

Nice low sun angle and warm color (even though it was probably pretty cold). I like Portland. It might have the best little art museum in America.

slim said...

I'd have to agree with Bob about Portland Museum of Art . . . Hopper's Pemaquid is a favorite work.

I like this rooftop shot with the gorgeous glow. I can also envision this as an oil painting.

Did you have to shovel your way home?

btw I like how Birdman calls you Kitty.

Amin said...

Nice shot..,Have a nice day..!

Julie said...

Have a look at this and let me know if you appreciate it. Especially the style in 43.

JM said...

Nice urban lines.