Monday, September 21, 2009

ferry across the susquehanna river

Here you are, Jacob.
This is the sister to the ferry we took.
I snapped this as we were pulling up to the dock.

the paddlewheeler took about twenty minutes
to travel one mile
across the widest stretch of the river.

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Malyss said...

In those times, one mile away could mean one life, from a shore to another..

Jacob said...

We don't even think about crossing rivers these days. We just zip over a bridge.

But rivers were great obstacles to travel in earlier times. And many people lost their lives and/or the belongings in rivers.

Great shot, Brattcat. Sometime maybe you could show the whole ferry?

Clueless in Boston said...

Nice capture of the ferry wheel. I like it in Black and white. You should register it for the Monochrome Weekly theme.

Anonymous said...

And to think the pioneers swam oxen, horses, wagons and people across the Mississippi. A huge river. I was stunned at the width of it when I saw it for the first time. One mile is a long way upstream.

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Anya said...

I am living next to a river,
I wish I could see it here ;)

lizziviggi said...

Beautiful b&w! The 20-minute mile on a paddle-boat ferry sounds much nicer than the 20-minute mile inching forward in traffic on the interstate. It just looks peaceful.

brattcat said...

I know this is going to sound really lame but I don't know how to register for theme days.

Vogon Poet said...

I have seen paddlewheelers, but never got on board...

Rob said...

The only one missing on the photo is either Huckleberry Finn or Mark Twain. Absolutely beautiful.
The only river ferry I can think of in Spain is in the south, crossing the Rio Guadiana between Portugal and Spain.

Cezar and Léia said...

I like this idea for this picture in b & w!I think it would be nice to enjoy this ferry , anyway I'm always afraid of water!
Please forgive us for our absence!

Julie said...

I like that sort of speed.

Did anyone respond to you about the Theme Day thingo?

The one that Clueless suggested is different from the CDPB Monthly Theme Day on the 1st of each month.

Would you like some clues?

Julie said...

My pleasure ... email me at this address


can you see which parts of that address to convert into symbols? I am just trying to avoid spammers. I would initiate the emailing but cannot find an email address on your site. It will be more comfortable for us to email than to explain it all very comments.

There is a Monthly Theme Day coming up on the concept "contrast" which I will run you through first. Then we will have a look at some of the more popular Memes that are around, starting with Monochrome (as Clueless suggested) and Skywatch. Once you can do those three you can do just about anything that is out there. And there are hundreds of them - but mostly participated in by the same blogs.

Drop me an email. I will have a shower and walk to work ... and them email you through it.

Light and Voices said...

I bet it was about the BEST 20 minutes you spent in your lifetime. Remembering how it was in the good old days we don't remember. Ta ta for now.
Joyce M

brattcat said...

Joyce, maybe not the best 20 minutes I EVER spent but right up there with a handful of other bests.
Clueless, Julie is going to talk me through the process.
Oh, lizziviggi, how true, how true.
Leia and Cezar, it's always wonderful to hear from and I love tagging along as you explore your new surroundings.

Marie-Noyale said...

If it was mot for the wheel I would have thought House!!!

Jacob said...

Very nice...looks like a houseboat with a paddle wheel...


prashant said...

Great shot, Brattcat. Sometime maybe you could show the whole ferry?
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Anonymous said...

I too thought it a houseboat. Nice to see a paddle wheel.
Welcome to the Mono Weekly theme.

Is this the way to the hat company...?

slim said...

I thought it was a converted trailer at first. I'm glad you got help with the theme postings . . . I just told Clueless. We'll be looking forward to seeing Brattleboro and bc listings.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, the paddle wheel reminds me of New Orleans and the Mississippi! Great shot!

Have a great weekend!


Pearl Maple said...

Great views of the ferry looks great in black and white.