Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bringing the holiday home: street food

Street food in Istanbul

No street food in England but the best pub food I've ever eaten at the best named pub I've ever encountered: The Fox Goes Free

Street food in Brattleboro


JM said...

I remember the corn sellers in Istambul! :-)
Beautiful building on the 2nd shot! said...

You have a great series going here of your parallel subjects.

When we were in India, our tour company warned "eat street food only if you have a death wish." Local people eat the food all the time, of course, so that fault is with our immune system and lack of exposure to local conditions.

One of the things that we like about Costa RIca is that as Americans, we can eat the food and drink the tap water, unlike most of Mexico and some other parts of Latin America.

Thank you for your observant comments on my site. I have added some information to my post today to answer your questions about the building in the background of my photo today.

Jacob said...

Oh, these are great the juxtaposition of similar scenes from different areas of the world.

That English pub looks absolutely delightful! Love the name, too!

Frank said...

I always like finding a Sabrett's hot dog cart in unexpected places. Street food is sure different throughout the world.
Thanks for sharing Brattelboro.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello Brattcat!
Street food in Istanbul...hummm I guess I'm not prepared for it! But...That Pub "Fox"in England is my "cup of tea"indeed! I would love to visit there!Cezar visited Istanbul ( 2003 ) and he enjoyed a lot his trip!He said he shoped some groceries to eat!
About your pictures, I loved the second shot! That place is wonderful and there is a beautiful couple in that picture that gave in it a romantic feel! Very cool!

Julie said...

The similarity between the two street stands in Istanbul and Brattleboro is astounding. I think I would prefer to eat the corn to a hot dog though. I remember when I was young (8 - 12) eating the very young tender part of the leaves that the Istanbul gentleman is resting his cobs on.

"Set the Fox Free" is a delightful looking building. Is that your daughter in the forecourt?

Vogon Poet said...

I'm desperately in love with any kind of street food, but sadly only with my camera. Great trio again!

Fio said...
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Fio said...

Hey! You've been tagged!

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cieldequimper said...

Now what did you have at that lovely pub I wonder?
Great post, I like this tryptich series.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Years ago, there was a street vendor in Brattleboro who sold falafel (sp?). Yummy.

nanak said...

You've been tagged here

brattcat said...

Pagan Sphynx: yes, i remember him. he also had a booth inside the river garden, when they were attempting to serve food in there. i don't know where he's gone, haven't seen him in a while.
Cielde: Thanks! I had liver pate and onion tart. And a very good beer. It was all so delicious I wanted to lick the plates...but I didn't. ( :
Fio and Nanak: THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME! I feel so honored.

henny said...

I thought they sell fish and chips in street in England, too.
Was it yummy? The corn. I love it, too, with special spicy sauce :).