Friday, May 15, 2009

bringing the holiday home: water views

water views in brattleboro, vermont, usa

water views in istanbul, turkey

water views in cirencester, england


Vogon Poet said...

Thank you for your kind words in yesterday comment. I won't bent Daily Photo rules because I have another blog where I can post everything I like. But you could be sure that I'll keep in mind your idea even for Livorno DP, looking for the right photos to be posted together.
Another good post of you, have a nice weekend.

Jacob said...

These are really fun. I hope you can continue showing the differences/similarities as aspects of various countries.

Great post!

Julie said...

Like Vogon Poet, I have a number of blogs that allow me to post a variety of my work. However, although there are rules that we are requested to follow, the over-arching rule that I follow is to explain my city to the world. This often (nearly always) means that I have more than one image and that there is as much text as photo.

In your treatment of your holiday images you are going one step further and bringing people together by showing the similarities between three quite disparate parts of the world. I really appreciate this angle on the world.

The photo of the apartments along the canal in Istanbul shocked me this morning. I had no idea that Turkey was such a wealthy, vibrant country.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello dear Brattcat!
Wonderful pictures, mainly the second shot in Istanbul! Magnificente indeed!

les maudites said...

Thank you for all your comments !!!

Julie said...

I like your photos of buildings and houses and surrounding scenes and the comparison in various countries. great series.

Hilda said...

Like Julie, I was surprised by the Istanbul houses. But since they're in front of a river, I guess this is in a more upscale neighborhood?

And I find the swans and ducks on the river amazing. Aren't they in any danger of going down those falls?

And you don't really have to answer my questions — I'm just so full of curiosity! Bugs the hell out of my hubby every now and then ;D

slim said...

Another wonderful triptych! The light on the Istanbul waterfront is gorgeous. I'm catching up and enjoying the connections in each post.

henny said...

Oh my, the water views in Istanbul.