Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bringing the holiday home: museums

library at ephesus

museum of art in brattleboro

pitt river museum, oxford

I've been at this for a week now and though you have all been wonderfully indulgent I won't try your patience any longer with these travel shots.
Tomorrow, we'll get back to just plain old Brattleboro.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments!


Buenos Aires Photoblog said...

Nice series! Have a great weekend.

nanak said... make me envy :(

Cezar and Léia said...

ohhhhhhhhhh We want moreeeeeee!Please! :-)
Fabulous series! Many thanks for thinking about us!
We have enjoyed a lot!
God bless you
Cezar and Léia ( and little Luna )

Hilda said...

I love all three! As much for their differences as their similarities. The Ephesus ruins are magnificent — imagine what they were like in the past!

I'm sorry to hear you're ending this series. I've thoroughly enjoyed them and your ingenuity in posting your travel photos with photos of Brattleboro. Wonderfully done.

And thank you.

Jacob said...

These are another set of wonderful photos...thank you for the series...personally, I would have no problem with many more...

Your photos are superb - well-composed and tack sharp!

Have a great weekend.

Julie said...

Ditto with the other commenters. Ingenius method of incorporating the travel photos into the home focus.

With this set of three it was the roof structure of the Pitt Museum in Oxford that took my eye. As a photographer it always repays to look up.

Thanks for the journey.

JM said...

As you may allready guess, my preferences go to Ephesus, but all of them are just great! I really enjoyed all these theme sets! Wonderful work!

Vogon Poet said...

Call me crazy but the Brattleboro shot (and museum, at least the outside) is so lovely that is no match for the others.
Sorry, for the end of the series...

Frank said...

The travel shots are great. Especially Turkey. Amazing looking place.

slim said...

The Pitt River museum looks like the skeletal remains of a cathedral. That's great that Brattleboro has an art museum! I like the 1915 stone building and the library at Ephesus is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your travels.

Julie said...

I loved Ephesus. Such a good memory and your photos is excellent