Sunday, June 16, 2013

the goat olympics

it took these guys
 awhile to figure out the game plan
but eventually they caught on and happily ate their "awards" at the finish line.
happy father's day.


Sharon said...

This is a first. I've never heard of 'goat olympics' before today.

Birdman said...

I hope no one came in last. Don't want to be the 'goat' in this one.

Bibi said...

Aren't they cute? If I had a yard, I'd have a little goat, one of those African goats, short and chubby.

Lowell said...

Our daughter in south Florida raises goats. They're pretty smart. But one of them is very nasty. His name is Mr. Bob and he always tries to butt me over the fence. I tell him he's gonna get cooked but it doesn't make any difference!

Jilly said...

Oh this must have been the BEST fun. Would adore to have been there. I've cared for goats twice in my life in two different countries and I love them - even tho they eat everything they shouldn't!