Thursday, March 4, 2010

this old house thursday: white ark

if you're quiet you can hear the family inside padding around in their stocking feet

no padding around for me (though i am in stocking feet).
the healing has been slow, the pain ferocious
but your comments, your kindness, your humor, your images motivate me to hobble
to the computer each day. thank you!


Birdman said...

That's a lot of 'whiteness' there! Is that a little 'redness' behind'? Barn? said...

Hopefully you can hobble around all on one floor. It looks like there would be some serious stairs in this house.

I recommend a laptop and wireless router in your house so you would not have to hobble to your computer, but you could do all of your blogging in relative comfort. I do mine with a lap board in my reclining chair in my library with a flat screen on the wall.

You have mentioned in the past that you have a college age daughter, I believe. She could set up this arrangement for you. Good luck and continued best wishes for your recovery.

Yvi said...


Great photo! Looks good!

Best wishes to you!


Tanya said...

Good morning Brattcat! What happened? I haven't been blogging in a couple of months. Prayers for a continued speedy recovery.....beautiful photo as always :)

JM said...

Wonderful house and no less wonderful photo! Is it normal to have all that snow this time of the year?

Sorry to hear you are slowly recovering... wish you get petter pretty soon!

B SQUARED said...

Get well soon.

Kim said...

That's a beautiful house! The way you described it with the padding of stockinged feet made it sound a bit like the Haunted Mansion, though.

Well, you know that childhood poem about "The fog creeps in on little cat feet"? Well, I often switch that up and recite to our cats, "My cat creeps in on little fog feet." Hope your kitty is keeping you good company and adding to the padding about around the house.

Hope that pain level is soon down so low that you notice that you are not noticing it :-). Glad you are keeping a rhythm with your blog and getting past the inconveniences to do something distracting and enjoyable. Hang in there, and may you be on the other side of this misadventure quickly.

Cezar and Léia said...

Chère Amie,
Luna and I are sending you light pure energy and love, so that you can feel better,please be positive!
Thanks for this beautiful picture, your shots are always well done, and this house has something romantic around...

Léia :)

Jacob said...

This is the perfect cover photo for my new book, "Battling insomnia in Brattleboro."

It's about a perfect family in a perfect house in a perfect woods; a family where nobody sleeps; they just play on computers day and night.

Actually, the book is rather tiring.

Re: your comment on Ocala DP - are you saying Brattleboro has it's ups and downs!

Funny thing is the area you see is actually rather hilly. Well, for Florida.

Sorry about the pain. Hope that will dissipate very soon!

Jacob said...

Me again! Re: the golf game. It was freezing cold - about 55 degrees with wind!

But we struggled for 9 holes. I played like a doofus. And my golf cart ran out of steam. Gotta do something about that! Today it's the driving range. Sun's out, too. Might reach 60!

Might even reach normal temps next week. That will nice after 3 months of abnormal!

Sunny said...

That is quite a grand old house.
Sorry that you are in such pain, I hope you get some relief soon.
Take care.
Sunny :)

Leif Hagen said...

I love that old, white house! Loaded with history and charm! Gosh, I wish we could see inside...

Tuesday's cake photo was delicious! Wish I had been there for a slice!

Sharon Creech said...

Beautiful house, brattcat!
Be well well well(er).

Sharon said...

We are all so glad that you can hobble to the computer. We would surely miss your beautiful photos and lovely words. At least it's warm inside!

Magpie said...

What a peaceful looking home...yes, I hear those stocking feet padding about.

Keep being kind to yourself and heal.

Anonymous said...

Well, hobbling doesn't sound great. I hope you are now stepping lively.

Malyss said...

Hold on! the harder is behind now!You will be soon recovering!
The house is very inviting..

In Real Life said...

Beautiful old house. I adore old houses. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful house and the snow is the right touch.

I hope the healing soon is gone and you will be fully recovered.

Regarding your comment on my Sailor's Moon post---you know what I mean!! MB

VP said...

You are still posting beautiful pictures. Most of these looks to me as something from a fairy tale because they are so different and nicer of what we have here.
I hope you'll get better soon, pain and all.

Virginia said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry you are going through this. Is it in a cast? Wrapped? Surgery? Poor you!

PS Love the ark!

Amin said...

Take care of you.Vey beautiful photo.

Tash said...

Lovely in white...on white.
I am so very sorry about your hurt leg and so very glad that you can hobble to post your super photos.

cieldequimper said...

Your comments are appreciated, don't hobble to the computer if it's painful.

Like VP said, a fairytale.

Anya said...

Please take care....
you can hobble always ...... LOL
We need you healthy :-)

Wonderful shot
(as always ;)

magiceye said...

may you continue to better yourself every minute!!


slim said...

You amaze us with your perserverance through this. At least you can get around virtually. Your comments are even more special these days.

I really like the symmetry of this old house.