Tuesday, December 21, 2010

he's making a list

checking it twice,
welcoming new followers redpat, caren, mario, and beth

(alas, we've learned baby brattcat's flight was cancelled due to conditions at heathrow.
but that doesn't mean santa forgot us...he'll be sending the littlest brattcat home on christmas day...now that's a wonderful gift!)


Cezar and Léia said...

I need to say it's really a mess in these airports in Europe!
But so glad that baby brattcat is coming home for Christmas, a blessing!
I'm also worried about these flights as my "baby" will be also coming home next weekend.I'm worried about the snow here, but it's time to be positive!Everything will be fine!

Kate said...

You are absolutely correct; the babes make Christmas special because their appearance is a special blessing for the adults. May your small child thrive and enjoy the love from the big folks!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

I think Santa is checking the list twice to see if there is something else on the list for baby Brattcat to make up for the challenges she is facing from the winter weather and travel inconveniences.

Steffe said...

I have never before seen a faceless Santa!

Caren Gittleman said...

Yay Santa!! Thanks for including me on your list!!!
flight canceled? Remember, everything happens for a reason!
Have a wonderful holiday!

Amin said...

Hello! Be Happy with Your family!!!

Sharon said...

Wonderful news about your daughter. I've been listening to the news reports again this morning and it appears the European airports are almost shut down.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

What a mess the snow has made in Europe ... so glad to hear that your baby brattcat will make it home on Christmas day... It will be just like those coffee commercials when someone finally makes it home for Christmas. Safe travels for your loved one.

lizziviggi said...

The best Christmas present in the world is getting to spend time with those we love! I'm glad she's making it home-- all your smiles will be brighter than the brightest Christmas lights.

Malyss said...

I'm also waiting for a baby's return for Christmas! At least, this waiting time and the arrival of the beloved will surely be happy gifts That a lot of families in Europe will have to share!

Jack said...

No entries on the Naughty list! Glad to see it.

Sorry for the flight delays but glad you will have a Christmas day present. My baby is 27 and working in London, so she can't spare the time to visit. I'm happy for Skype.

Anya said...

Did you seen Santa Claus real :P

So nice that little brattcat is coming
I go to my daughter
she can pamper me .......... :-)
I have no Xmas tree this year
not in the mood for that :(
Maybe next year !!!

Jacob said...

Europe appears to be snowbound, but I'm glad that your daughter will be home for Christmas.

I love this photo! Except that Santa's face seem very white and it appears he only has one working eye, so he may be at his task for a long time...hope he finishes before Christmas!

roentarre said...

This is so humorous :)

Merry christmas

Bob Crowe said...

I hope for you and your family that's there's not a big dump on Saturday between Logan and your place. The Crowes hope that all of you are together by the end of the day.

Jilly said...

Love the photo, Brattcat. I heard that the second runway at Heathrow is now opened so I do hope everyone gets home for Christmas who should. Good luck for your daughter's arrival - it sounds promising. It's been a nightmare in Europe and now the questions start. Someone will be for the chop! Ofcourse it could just be the weather but I never understand how it is that in the Scandinavian countries a runway can be cleared in a very short time yet in the UK, everything falls apart.

Sharon Creech said...

Relieved to hear baby brattcat is sorted out, and I'm sure she will be relieved to finally be back home!

Julie said...

Indeed, BC. May the next week or so bring you happiness with your family and contentment within yourself. It thrills me to count you as a blogging friend.

Take care.