Thursday, April 28, 2011

when the world calls our children away from home,

sometimes we discover them in such charming places.
(the first part of our holiday--oxford, england)

i'll try to start visiting your blogs again very soon.
best wishes to you all.


Cezar and Léia said...

How nice! Glad that you enjoy England with your baby cat! ;)
This picture is beautiful, such a lovely scenery and I like that arch a lot!
We were out for some days.
And I'm today doing laundry and trying to visit blogfriends, not the same time hehehe for sure!
I miss my blog friends so much!I'm happy visiting you now, thanks for sharing your picture and I'm anxious to see more, please!
Take your time to rest and take care yourself about that awful jet-lag!Well...I can imagine that!

Birdman said...

Missed you, but know you had wonderful time away. Can't wait to see the pictures. What a start! Love this one.

Dina said...

Bon arrivée Brattcat.
Yes, I know what you mean, since the world has called all my children away from home.

From what I have been able to garner about the tornado at Heifer Ranch, big trees fell on the lodges, Global Village structures and some barns were damaged or destroyed. But the people and animals (except for some chickens) were not hurt. Some 40 or so folks from Perryville came with chainsaws to help.
I'm glad you like Heifer International. I was a residential volunteer at the Ranch, working in Livestock and sometimes Garden, for 6 years, until 2002. Loved it.

Malyss said...

To study in Oxford..what a dream!
To visit Oxford knowing one child is living and studying here.. what a paradise!! said...

Welcome back. Relax. Get over your jet lag, and don't feel any obligation to make the rounds of blogs.

We look forward to seeing photos of your trip.

I can relate to your comment about the delights of visiting a child (an adult, but always a child to a parent) overseas. My son lives in Buenos Aires, a delightful place for us to visit and a gateway to a continent of sights and adventures.

Kate said...

You definitely were missed! Your trip must have been fantastic. Lucky you to spend some time with Jilly!!

Sharon said...

You've taken the bridge of sighs from a great angle. The photo I have is more straight on. I like this perspective. Welcome home! I bet you had a wonderful trip.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Glad to see you back from your adventure... Loved knowing that you had face-to-face visits with Jilly and then Malyss. You Brattcats were looking quite fine in Menton.

Recover from your jet-lag and start planning your next trip!


Virginia said...

Oh I'm sure England suited your to a "tea"! :) Lovely photo. Glad you're back with us but sorry you had to say goodbye to Baby BC!

Jilly said...

What a glorious photo - so perfectly framed and showing so beautifully the wonder of Oxford.

I can't begin to imagine how marvellous it must be to have a daughter studying at Oxford, unless it was to be that daughter and have you visit her. Yeah!

cieldequimper said...

I believe you had a good time :-) while I was... in the USA! :-)

Amin said...

Beautiful place and beautiful photo!

Jack said...

Ah, the Bridge of Sighs. Our daughter is working in London, so we ventured out to Oxford during the week to get out from underfoot. The have a summer program at Oxford for adult students to stay in the colleges for one week, taking courses in the morning and being tourists in the afternoon. We might do that next summer.

Library Jewel said...

Lovely view! I am surprised you started in today already :)

Julie said...

Blenheim always puts me in mind of Churchill.

Welcome back!

Doug Hickok said...

Wonderful to see your safe return! Look forward to your images of lovely England.

Jacob and Lois Anne said...

This is Oxford. Your daughter lives in Oxford? Goes to school at Oxford?

Oxford is in my limited experience, quintessential England. What a glorious sight you've captured here. Oh to wander the hallowed halls of the university!