Wednesday, February 18, 2009

perfect landing

One of the young ski-jumping contestants at the end of a beautiful flight.


nanak said...

never mind, i'm glad you interesting on my post.
those two person is the sand seller (tomorrow i will post photo of those two people). they usually work in group. every day they dredge sand from the river on the left side of the path (you may not be able to see it on my photo). I think they went to the place where they usually keep their sand.
that path is for the use of everyone, you can go anywhere and the farmers doesn't mind as long as we don't damage their plants.

by the way, i like this post. nice composition.

Julie said...

this is a pboto i rarely see except during the olympics. You can imagine that growing up in the desert, I do not ski. I probably would like cross-country skiing though. I am glad you liked the Native American hoop dancer series. Thanks for your comments.

slim said...

Ski jumping is fun to watch . . . how wonderful that you can see the real deal there in Brattleboro. Thanks for sharing.

Light and Voices said...

What a wonderful photograph of the skier. Illinois is flat. So I haven't ever seen this in real life. Thanks for sharing.