Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the mail carrier

Because of a reduced volume of snail mail, the United States Postal Service is cutting staff. This carrier's route has been increased to cover part of the route of a laid-off carrier. She starts early in the morning and frequently is still out delivering mail through the dinner hour. And yet she still always has this beautiful smile.


花蓮黃頁網路電話簿 said...

pretty interesting, that seems very much true.


Anonymous said...

It is most interesting to me. Our mail men and women are always talking about having to do more but they still have the same number of people.

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Boise Diva said...

The postal service is also raising rates later this month. Pay more, get less service because they're cutting staff.

Tash said...

She looks a real sweetie and this is all day in Vermont not a mild climite place!
I've really enjoyed a tour thru your posts...lots of really varied and interesting photos that give a good sense of the town. Keep those paws warm.
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